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May/June 2017

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With the Republican passage of The American Health Care Act now having passed through the House of Representatives and moving on to the Senate, ALDA's Chief Executive Officer presents his perspectives on the initial version of the American Health Care Act. Is it a time for reflection and passage or a time for hysteria? Our second article repeats from a prior edition because the question is still relevant to all and that is "Why Do I Need Health Insurance?" 


Book News

   Essentials of Corporate and Capital Formation
   by David H. Fater
   ISBN (13): 978-0-470-49656-5
   ISBN (10): 0-470-49656-8
   Cost: $39.95
   Paperback: 224 pages



 Brief Description: A simple and effective guide to the mechanics of finance and corporate structure.
 • Explains ways to form a business and finance it
 • Reveals how to avoid securities laws pitfalls
 • Practical terms and examples of the necessary mechanics of finance and corporate structure
 • Helps analyze the decision to "go public" and provides pointers on operating a public company


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