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Two of our most distinctive services are:

Experienced Professionals

Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping clients unlock inherent value and create new value.

Our handpicked, executives are experienced in a variety of skill sets and backgrounds, enabling them to deal with numerous types of business problems from finance to operations. In addition, we maintain a network of strategic alliances which enable ALDA to provide experienced consultants with comprehensive human resource, employee benefits, information technology, intellectual property and regulatory affairs answers as well as independent research for public companies. Our network includes alliances with:


Experience Summary [ Show ALL Bios ]

David H. Fater [ View Bio ]
Chief Executive Officer

Strategy, Capital Markets, Restructuring, and Mergers and Acquisitions experience. As a senior corporate executive (CEO/CFO) with four public healthcare companies focused on physician management, rural healthcare, nursing homes, HMO's, diagnostic imaging and medical devices, he gained experience in IPOs, follow-on offerings and debt financing, having raised over $700 million in senior, subordinated and convertible debt and preferred and common equity as well as every aspect of the healthcare system. Currently, he is deeply involved in the implementation of the Affordable Care Act with Accountable Care Organizations, Independent Practice Associations and Management Services Organizations. He has served as an international business advisor to senior management and boards of directors as a senior international partner during a 24-year career with Ernst & Young. He is a skilled negotiator, adept at mergers and acquisitions and restructuring.

Richard M. Cohen [ View Bio ]
Chief Operating Officer

Healthcare operations and worldwide sourcing experience. He is skilled in healthcare (physician management, clinical trials, medical and patient process flow , diagnostic imaging and life science operations as well as in issues dealing with importing, exporting and manufacturing operations in South America, Far East and Europe. Strong management experience in strategy and operations in companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 including medical device manufacturers as well as healthcare and biotechnology and drug discovery companies.

Thomas J. Bohannon [ View Bio ]
Senior Financial Executive

Accomplished, creative CPA experience provides outstanding analytical and technical abilities. Has experience for over 40 years in public accounting and private industry including nursing homes, medical device companies, hospitals, not-for-profits, retail, manufacturing, import/export and natural resources. Well versed in SEC reporting, financial accounting systems and technical accounting issues.

A.Ronald Turner [ View Bio ]
Senior Healthcare Executive

Senior healthcare industry executive with strong entrepreneurial focus including CEO and COO positions with start-up hospital companies and a publicly-traded hospital company. Extensive and successful operations experience for more than 50 hospitals and 9 nursing homes, and senior reimbursement experience for a major publicly-traded hospital company and a national accounting firm. Experienced in mergers and acquisitions, led operational turnarounds and debt restructurings that created significant value.

Mark W. Caton [ View Bio ]
Senior Healthcare Executive

Senior hospital executive with over 30 years experience in operating not-for-profit and investor-owned rural/community hospitals as CEO or COO, and Regional COO with several national hospital companies. Skilled in strategic planning and business development, operations management, revenue cycle management, medical staff development, and quality/resource management.

Santiago Guzman [ View Bio ]
International Business Development Executive

Experienced in new project development for companies in a variety of industries from start-up to Fortune 500. Client relations management, fluent in English and Spanish. Skilled facilitator for introductions with influential leaders in South America including those in the health care industry. Projects based in South America have included export management for apparel companies, agricultural commodities exports and establishing research projects for US medical equipment companies with established and well-respected universities and medical centers in South America.

David Bott [ View Bio ]
Sr. Information Technology Executive

Experienced consultant with over 15 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Mr. Bott analyzes an organization's strategic business needs to assess business models and their integration with technology. He focuses on the structure, policies, and operations of an organization, and to recommend solutions that enable the organization to achieve its goals. He specializes in Microsoft related infrastructure projects as well as application development, system integration, and strategic IT staffing.

Jeffrey E. Topfer, JD, MPH [ View Bio ]
Senior Operations Executive

Healthcare operations and technology experience provides business development and mergers and acquisitions services, merger integration implementation, legal transaction advice, due diligence assistance, strategic planning, development of innovative business concepts and operational processes, and forging of strategic alliances and corporate finance functions. Mr. Topfer also brings a variety of experiences through his association with numerous healthcare companies as a former special assistant to Daniel Moynihan.

Daniel N. Weiss, M.D., F.A.C.C. [ View Bio ]
Senior Medical Clinician and Investigator

Medical devices and healthcare practice experience having performed numerous invasive cardiac procedures and has served as a consultant for several Fortune 500 Medical Device Companies including Philips, Boston Scientific/Guidant, St. Jude and Medtronic, as well as for several medical device and drug start-up companies. He has been a clinical investigator for numerous national clinical trials, including the MADIT II (MultiCenter Automatic Defibrillator Implantation Trial) and SCDHeFT (Sudden Cardiac Death Heart Failure Trial), AVID (Antiarrhythmics vs Implantable Defibrillators) and AFFIRM (Atrial Fibrillation Follow-up Investigation of Rhythm Management). As both a medical doctor and an electrical engineer with a computer science background, he brings a unique perspective to medical device and life sciences companies.

David E. Huizenga, Ph.D., JD [ View Bio ]
Senior Technology Executive

Patent portfolio management, licensing, and competitive intelligence. Provides translation of a company’s science strategy to the patent and business strategy, able to focus on the structure/function relationships of small molecules and functional nucleic acids, such as aptamers, and the integration of rational and irrational discovery paradigms to identify molecules having new and desired function. Experienced in all aspects of biotechnology patent prosecution and intellectual property counseling as well as litigation.

Jerry M. Anchin, Ph.D [ View Bio ]
Senior Biotechnology Executive

Extensive experience in biotechnology research and business ventures having been actively involved in the fields of immunology, molecular biology, drug discovery, and protein chemistry since 1978 and has experience as the Head of Assay Development and Manufacturing and Group leader of Drug Discovery. Recipient of seven patents including the design of a novel immunoassay for the detection of creatine-kinase isoenzymes released during acute myocardial infarction as well as the discovery of a novel small molecule for the prevention of asthma. Also experienced in medical devices and diagnostics with two patents involving the measurement of heart rate variability and other biological signals for the identification of patients at elevated risk of future pathological events such as imminent death, cardiac mortality and diabetic autonomic neuropathy.

Areas of Focus [ More Info ]

  • Health Care
    • Health Care Services
    • Physician Management
    • Hospital Management
    • Medical Devices
    • Life Sciences/Biotechnology
  • Other:
    • Manufacturing
    • International Business
    • Information Technology

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