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Executive Outsourcing Model (EOM) [ More Info ]

This is our hallmark service and is our method for assisting in the development of a business idea or invention from concept to its commercialization and guiding the company through a liquidity event.

A physician or entrepreneur may have a medical invention or business product, service or idea but is unsure of how to best commercialize it or needs help in doing so. ALDA will (a) Supplement the management team by providing seasoned executives for the appropriate positions needed, (b) Raise the necessary capital, (c) Ensure any necessary patents are optimized (if appropriate), (d) Shepherd the product through any required FDA or other regulatory process, (f) Commence or streamline the manufacturing process, (g) Initiate/accelerate the sales process and (h) Guide the Company through a liquidity event. In doing so, we provide significant and seasoned executive management personnel to support the Company.

Other aspects of EOM include:

Business Planning
ALDA can help you by leading you through an assessment of your mission and development of a business plan to meet your goals. Business Planning is essential to any well-managed successful company and becomes even more so as businesses enter what promises to be a period of consolidation, regulation and turbulence.

Organization and Human Capital Consulting
Many companies need assistance in aligning people strategy and the processes to achieve profitability. We can assist by providing tools such as organizational strategy, executive coaching, talent management and recruitment, performance management, career development training and transition and assistance with human resource special projects.

ALDA Rapid Solutions (ARS) [ More Info ]

ARS is ALDA’s framework for solving business problems in an accelerated timeframe. We “parachute” ALDA personnel into any company and within 48 hours identify business problems and propose solutions for each problem.

ALDA can provide your Company interim or part time CEO, COO or CFO services as a short- or long-term solution to staffing needs. It can also provide seasoned assistance during times of stress and crisis. ALDA delivers innovative solutions to improve profitability, maximize cash flow and deliver value to all the stakeholders.

Financing Assistance [ More Info ]

ALDA can help you to assess and determine the optimum capital structure of your company. This determination involves complex considerations of the different types and amounts of capital needed - even before you address the challenge of successfully raising capital. ALDA has experience in determining appropriate capital structures and, with our strong relationships with institutions and investors, in successfully raising the required funds.

Mergers and Acquisitions / Due Diligence / Post-Merger Integration [ More Info ]

Whether you are thinking of acquiring or selling a business, ALDA can evaluate the financial and operational consequences of your transaction. Through acquisition investigation and financial analysis, ALDA can measure the risk in a proposed merger or acquisition and develop specific recommendations as to what tactics would be most advantageous to you. We perform valuation services to assist in the determination of the strategic value of the existing business, business being acquired or divestitures. Additionally, our consultants can help with the critically important post-merger integration planning and implementation, a process that is often overlooked when the deal is done.

As a strategic partner, ALDA is uniquely qualified to assist you with these business issues. We become strategic partners with management, the Board of Directors and stakeholders.

Intellectual Property and Regulatory Affairs (FDA) [ More Info ]

Early-stage Biotechnology, Life Science and Health Care companies (among others) may be strong in ideas but weak in execution. ALDA professionals bring to bear a wide-range of skills that provide focus in the areas most critical for success for such companies. These include (1) the development of an intellectual property estate (through the patent process) and (2) navigating the maze of regulatory affairs and commercial approval by agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). ALDA will assist in all the phases from concept to commercialization.

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